What To Expect


What to Expect

Initially, we will have a free 15-minute phone consultation during which we will review your needs and the services I can provide. At this point we will determine if we will schedule our initial consultation appointment.

Second, prior to our first session, I will send you an email containing your client rights, treatment consent, and payment information.

The third step will be meeting for an initial intake session — a get-to-know-you session during which you can ask me questions about therapy and I’ll ask about your background and specific needs.

Essentially, we’ll reach an agreement regarding our compatibility (i.e., whether we think it’s a good idea to work together).

The strength of our therapeutic partnership will be crucial to the achievement of favorable outcomes. Let’s establish a strong foundation.

Key Factors

Our initial encounter is essentially between two strangers. You will determine whether I am reliable, possess the necessary expertise, and will make the time and effort to comprehend the problem as well as the context in which you and the problem exist.

We will spend the following two to three sessions establishing your therapeutic objectives and formulating a plan to reach them. Similarly, we will create the level of trust necessary for you to feel safe and comfortable telling me your experience.

Like any other relationship, ours will require time to develop.
You desire someone who is both encouraging and challenging. It should feel distinct from a conversation with a friend. I put an emphasis on being upfront, honest, and sincere with you from the start.

If appropriate, early on in the process, we will add strategies to help you become more grounded and emotionally aware.

We will also spend some time discussing techniques to moderate these feelings when they become overwhelming. These sessions will incorporate skill development, practice, and appropriate feedback reporting.

After the fifth or sixth session, we will evaluate your progress and determine whether any adjustments are necessary.

Your treatment is personalized to your specific objectives and needs. We will spend a great deal of time reflecting on the parts of your life that you would like to improve, noticing the thoughts and emotions that impact how you respond to events, the positive aspects of your life, and your vision for the future.
We may explore the past, particularly if you feel “stuck” or if you need to process sad or traumatic life events to go ahead as your best self.