Clinical Supervision


What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision for social workers is provided by a licensed clinical social worker who has held their LCSW for at least five years and is in good standing. The purpose of clinical supervision is to foster the professional growth of social workers, promote ethical and competent practice, and ensure the delivery of high-quality client services.

Typically, clinical supervision for social workers consists of one-on-one meetings between the supervisor and supervisee, during which the supervisee discusses instances or difficulties from their practice and receives feedback, support, and direction from the supervisor. To assist the supervisee in enhancing their skills and knowledge, the supervisor may pose questions, offer viewpoints, provide resources, and suggest intervention strategies. Additionally, the supervisor assists the supervisee in navigating moral dilemmas, maintaining professional boundaries, and coping with the emotional demands of their work.

Clinical supervision is essential to the social work profession as it promotes social workers’ continuing learning, development, and accountability. It assists social workers in reflecting on their practice, identifying improvement areas, and developing new skills and techniques. Clinical supervision also provides as a source of guidance and support for social workers who may face job-related stress, burnout, or other difficulties.

Why choose Guiding Light Christian Services to provide your clinical supervision?

I have over 10 years’ experience providing supervision for interns, master level clinicians and LSW’s candidates. As a clinical supervisor, I am well-versed in the clinical facets of social work practice. I am familiar with interventions, evaluation procedures, and therapy modalities supported by scientific data. I can communicate with you effectively and offer you helpful feedback to aid in the development of your clinical skills. I am responsive and have the capacity to relate and empathize to the difficulties you may encounter when undertaking therapeutic work. I have the capacity to offer you emotional support and encouragement when required.

The cost of supervision is $60.00 per hour. 

The State of Pennsylvania Requires:

A LSW seeking a clinical license in Pennsylvania must complete 3,000 hours of clinical work and work for at least two years. A LCSW is required to supervise you for 1,500 hours. Two hours of supervision must be reported for every 40 hours performed. A licensed mental health practitioner may supervise the remaining 1,500 hours.